My Daughters schedule

This is one thing that most of us keep thinking how to manage my child schedule, I am no expert in it as well as I also used to wonder how to manage it. The first thing I started doing was asking moms around and my friends how do they manage their time with their kids and try to get the best of them into my schedule ( this is the far best trick that worked for me and my son the elder one ) the second i did was read blog and forums for more details on how I can manage more time with them ( this is what actually inspired me to do what I am doing now :D ). Being a mom of two and the experience I have gained with it I have varied the schedule from time to time with the kids and my convenience ofcoz to put it in words for other to understand i would actually divide them into age groups that would help us. this is mostly the food schedule of my kids they are both a lil different for both my kids so i would just put in the general one that for food.

Newborn to 4 months breastfeed (BF)every 2 hours.

4-6 months: both my kids are late risers they get up around 8am-9am .

6 am : BF

8am : or the time they get up normally after my last breastfeed she gets up in 2 hrs her internal clock ticks i guess.

8:15/8:30 : between this time i make sure i give her breakfast that is ragi porridge or any other porridge .

she plays and then goes to sleep by 9:30 - 10 after I BF her.

12 noon : lunch would be any veggie puree with rice porridge, dal rice

2 pm : BF and put to sleep again

4 pm : I feed her some fruit puree/ or fruit yogurt/ if its cold then soups.

6 pm : dinner would be again some veggie pure with rice porridge

8 pm : BF and sleep

As she grew older I only changed the menu items. I made her lunch more of Dal rice and curd rice with veggies cooked with lil oil spices. Introducing them to blander Indian stuff. I pretty much give her all this till she turned one.

1yr and above: This is when I started to completely wean her from my breast and start her on the whole milk. They start geting out of their comfort zone. It took longer for me to put her to sleep. she got more active and more energetic.

8 am : 5-8 oz milk

10 am : ragi or kanji porridge ( with fruits and milk if sweet or milk and salt)

12 noon: lunch time dal and rice or any thing I think I can feed her with less spices with rice

3:30 pm : milk shake or plan milk

5:00 pm : juice / , soup

7:00 pm : dinner that would be more of porridge initially but as she grows will change it.

8 :00 pm sleep