Fruits and oats porridge

you will need :-

2 tbsp of rolled oats
150 ml milk
1 banana
1 apple
1tsp honey/ jaggary


cook 2 tbsp of rolled oats in150 ml milk in a microwavepeel n core an apple and microwave it on high for 1 minchop 1 banana ann add to the cooked oats along with the cooked apple
mix it and make it to a smooth paste according to your childs need ( as per age) adjust consistency by adding more milk according to the child's needadd 1tsp honey to sweeten or jaggary

Finger Foods

Finger foods are any small size food bites that your baby can pick and eat by themselves.

This is one thing that we keep thinking about giving our kids and keep thinking when to start. Finger foods can be started as early as they can hold any thing in their hand and can eat. That would be around 7 to 9 months. Initially to start with you can start with
1> Murmura Or What You Can Say Puffed Rice.
2> Parle G Biscuits or marie biscuits Broken Into Small Pieces

I prefer to start with puffed rice because they get mushy in their mouth immediately when they put in their mouth and can’t chock them.

As they master to eat then we can try lot more stuff like
1> Potato cut into fingers and baked or boiled
2> Boiled carrots, green beans , sweet potatos
3> Toasted brown bread with cheese
4> Small cut fruits like apple banana
5> Roti cut into small pieces
6> Soup sticks , Rusk or toast which we eat with tea
7> Small cut pieces of paneer/tofu and cheese
8> Nicely boiled pastas.. they come in nice different shapes