2 Egg Yolks
Milk or Formula
Puréed Chunky Veggies

METHOD:-Prepare a small frying pan with a pat of butter or ghee and heat

Beat Egg Yolks & Milk or Formula in bowl

Pour Egg mixture into heated pan

Scramble Egg mixture until almost cooked and add Veggies

Cook until Egg mixture is no longer runny

Add small bits of shredded cheese (Swiss, American, Cheddar or Parmesan)

Scramble again when cheese has melted .


  1. Hi Swapna ,
    Is it ok to use formula milk in this way .Will there not be any problem if i mix apple puree or carrot boiled water(soup) with the formula milk n give .My daughter 1 year 4 months sometimes takes nothing except formula milk .She never takes cow milk .I tried to give her apple milk shake ,mango milk shake .She is not taking because i mixed cow milk with it .

  2. you can use formula this way .. but as ur daughter is 1 yr old you can use normal milk and after cooking it hardly leaves any taste. Try using soy milk for nomal feedling.

  3. Eggs Cheese and Milk... I am sure the kids gonna love it. Can't wait to try :>

    Thanks for the recipe

  4. hope every think is good &well
    idon't know more about u, but unfortunately i searched ur blog, i liked the plan very much; thank u very much for putting this good thinks on ur blog; plz continue this
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