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Fruits can be a great source of nutrition for you babies.
We normally introduce fruit to our babies in from of juices which I say is not a good start for the infants... As in juices you remove all the gudness and feed only the sugar so the best way to feed your baby with fruits is by pureeing it and then giving.
You can start giving fruits to your babies from the age of 4 months ( please check with your pediatrics ). To start with you can start with apple sauce, mashed banana, mashed mangoes if in season … almost all fruits can be taken with out cooking for babies but a few like apple pear bearries need to be cooked before you serve them to your babies. you cn find a lot of recipes of fruies in the blog here is one which my baby loves....

Apple sauce:

½ cup water
2-3 medium size apples(pealed, deseeded and diced )
pinch of cinnamon powder


mix all the ingredient and oil in a large sauce pan till the apples are nicely cooked.
Remove it after cooling puree it and serve to the baby hot or cold as they like.

Can be frozen and stored in the fridge.

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