Healthy laddu

Winter is here and this is a very good way to start for our kids to have a great immunity towards the cold and can be given any time. But this should be taken with a glass of milk. I used to eat this daily as a kid and loved it. This was kinda bribe for me to have the glass of milk as I used to hate drinking it. So for fussy moms this is my moms trick to give me milk. Another thing I remember eating as a kid is soaked almonds overnight and drinking the water first in the morning after you brush and eat the almonds they help in regulating the body temperature.

Healthy laddu ... healthy snack..
3 spoons of ragi flour
2 spoons of whole wheat flour
1 tps of olive oil ( good for health when eaten raw)
2 tps each of cashew nut powder, almond powder and
4 tbps groundnut powder
3tps of cornflakes and oats powder
3 tps spoons of roasted moong dal powder
2 tps of pure ghee

grated or crushed jaggery as per your sweet taste please try to put jaggery then sugar as jaggery is good for health.
you can also add some more things as you feel like raisins, small small pieces of dry dates, some more dry fruits powder. All this should be fine powder so as children should not find lumps while eating it. Mix it well and you can roll them into small laddoos and not big ones so that the children will hold them in their hands. if they are not consistent to be rolled in laddoos add more ghee and jaggery . they will form into laddoos. and give 1 in morning and 1 in evening for healthy n nutritious snacks.


  1. Interesting mixture of ingredients... if you can provide a picture would be great as a sample of how it will turns out to be.

  2. hope every think is good &well
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