Precautions For Winters and Healthy Eating.

Winter is here and the nice weather also gets lot of things other than festivals with it. Our children are more likely to get cold, cough, flu, viral with the change in weather. We need to take special care of them as their immune system is not yet built totally. So I guess we need to take care of lot more things like clothes, food, ready medicines and home remedies.
• Make them wear many layers of clothes. Multiple layers of thin clothes are much more effective then a single layer of thick clothes. Multiple layers help keep the body heat insulated, and protect them from outside cold.
• Make sure that you cover their three vital heat leaking parts of the body: the head, the hands and the feet. let them wear a warm woolen caps at all the times ( I know they are fussy about it but we have to make them wear) . socks, preferably woolen, and never expose the hands. If you are going out, make sure that they wear gloves, or at least keep your hands inside the jacket packets to help them keep warm
Take a Doctor appointment for flu shots. Make sure you have the kids medical boxes full with the medicines they use as prescribed by the Pediatrician. I always prefer them in a box handy near the bed so that it is accessible any time you think you need it. NEVER USE ANY MEDICATION WITHOUT THE DOCTORS CONSENT.

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