Soyabean Dosa


Soyabean-soaked in water for 8 hours,
followed by sprouting which increases their vitamin E content.
Chillies (optional)
Rice Flour-1-2 tsp,

Method :

1. Grind the soyabeans in a grinder, with ginger, jeera, salt and chillies to taste.
2. Add water till the consistency is of idli-atta.
3. Heat the coated pan. Pour soyamixture on the hot pan, about 2 large spoonful. Spread with a spoon. Cover. Cook for 2 min, on medium heat.
4. Invert and cook other side, without cover.

Additions: Adding Onions, Tomatoes, Grated Carrots, Grated Raddish, Cumin seeds make the dosa more delicious. Oil can be sprayed on pan while cooking, but is not a must.


  1. Some people say too much of soya bean is not too good for health . Is that true.

  2. Yes even i have heard of it... but you give this only once in a while not daily

  3. Soya is good for health. But since it is too rich of protein, it will take time to digest completely. So kids will find it hard to digest if taken in excess quantity.

    But defenitely a good one if in limit and great recipe Swapna :-)

    Would be great if your hand extends to a menu card of 3+ years old too ;-)

  4. Wow lovely recipie of soyabeen dosa. I am so impressed with your blog - I just came across it, and have gone through WAY more pages than I care to admit. ;) Your style is so inspiring, and you make each piece you wear an object of envy! I'm your newest follower. :)

  5. Which soybeans should be used for this? Can you please post a link or something? Nice blog!!

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  9. i like your post it really matters which nutrition is to be needed for baby good health..thanx for sharing the post.


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