One thing which we forget to give our babies which is very good for us as well as kids is yogurt.. It is really high in calcium and a good source of healthy fat to the kids. Though it is told that we have to avoid cow milk for babies up to one year yogurt and cheese are exceptions and can be given in large amounts to the babies as they are easily digested by babies.
Even though you get many brand of baby yogurt in the market I still prefer the home made one. I make it at home and my son loves it. I add fruit puree to it or even veggies at time and trust me they love it though it may seem yak to us adding veggies to yogurt. My best combinations are adding apple sauce or peach puree with yogurt or you can just make a smoothie with them like adding banana or avocado with yogurt and mixing them off in a blender this makes a great evening snack for your babies.

Yogurt recipe!!

Though its dumb of me to put in a recipe like for yogurt which is made every day at our homes but for kids I like to make it a little special.
I use one cup of full fat milk and 2 tbsp of cream and warm the milk and and add lil curd and let it set for the night.

You can add any fruit or veggie to the yogurt but remember you need to steam the veggies and make puree. For fruits most of them u need to steam like apple, pear, peach though avocadoes and banana’s don’t need to be cooked ever. (citrus fruits not till 9-10 months).


  1. Vegetarian diet is quite good for healthy growing babies. Vegetarian food contains a lot of vitamins and minerals which is essential for babies. Beans, cow milk, yogurt (yogurt is easier to digest than milk.) are the best source for protein.
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