Daliya ... Broken Wheat!!!

For most of us who wonder what daliya is and can we give it to our kids/babies must know that daliya is nothing but broken wheat or the rava form of wheat .
it is high source of energy and a easy dinner for kids/babies.
Wheat can be introduced to babies as early as 6 months but better consult your docter. My doctor was always fine me giving any thing for my son from 6 month only to make sure he does not chock himself. I give this as a dinner for my son and he loves eating it. Making food enjoyable is the key aim as they get fussy after they normally turn one and start getting a fussy eater.


  1. thank u very much swapna for that information on broken wheat, my daughter is 14 months now and i just started with this but really wondered if it is good for her,thank u again

  2. Hi Sapna, was looking thru your site when searching for daliya recipes for my site. Lots of good info and recipes. Thanks and cute baby :-)

  3. You can start daliya as early as 10 month depending on how fine your daliya is.

  4. hey swapna how do u make the daliya ?

  5. hope every think is good &well
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