Health mix

Kanji / health mix … it’s a mixed grain porridge high in nutrition for your kids .. it can be started as early as 8 months and be given to older kids or even adults. Its called a health mix as it has all the essential components for good health and overall child development.
The different porridges I have in my blog are

I already have a kanji mix recipe in the blog
but this one has more added ingredients
Both of them are good and can be given at different stages of child development. If you are in the USA you can get most of the ingredients in whole foods or sprouts where you get bulk grains and you can buy in little quantities. As we are using lot of ingredients we need only need 100 gms each.

1. Ragi … you can use ragi powder if you don’t get the whole ragi
2. Bajra
3. Maize
4. Jowar
5. Wheat
6. Fried gram
7. Brown rice.. I preffer brown rice you can use the normal ones
8. Green gram
9. Soya beans
10. corn

all in equal quantities say 100 gms then the below items you need in less quanties say 50gms
11. Sago
12. Barley
13. almond / badam
14. pistachios
15. cashew / kaju
16. peanuts
17. cardamom for flavor just a few. Its optional and can be avoided.
Dry fry the above all the items and grind them fine and store it in an air tight container.

sweet Kanji

Take 1 Spoon Of This Powder And Add 1 - Cup Of Boiled And Cooled Water To It. Dissolve It Without any Lumps . Keep This On The Stove And Stir Continusly Till U Get A Shining Coat On Top it Will Become Pasty Add Sugar And Milk To It . Cool To Room Temp And Feed Ur Baby.

Salt Kanji

Do The Same Procedure Instead Of Sugar And Milk U Can Add Salt And Curds And Feed Ur Baby. you Can Make The Consistancy Thick And Feed The Baby In A Spoon (Will Last For 3 - 4 Hrs


  1. barley should not be given for babies until 1 yr because it contain starch.

  2. @anonymous... I think you have to clarify it from your doctor about it.From what I knw barley is one of the first foods that we introduce to babies.

  3. hi
    can u tell me in which store we can get in small quantities...bcoz Indian stores in USA we get big pack.

  4. My son is 4 months old and I am not feeding him. I give him NAN Pro1. Can I start giving this mix?

  5. can u plz tel where can we get this mix in hyd

  6. Hi I am from Bangalore and I make this recipe at home. We even sell this recipe u can order it from me for details mail or call 9916745431

  7. I like your list of healthy baby foods. Its very informative and effective information. Thanks for sharing your information.
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  8. Hello, Can i start this reciepe for my baby, she is 5 months old.

    1. Better u start after 1 y. Sometime gluten which is present in Wheat and Barley, may induce digestive problem to infants.

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  10. Give your baby breastmilk til 7 months.. babies dnt need other food for first 6 months.

  11. These days ppl actually have forgot about eating healthy. Porridge is an excellent diet for almost every age group people. But since preparing porridge is kind of time consuming people hesitate to prepare it. I am preparing porridge for my home.After seeing the process and ingredients that I am using my friends and neighbours started asking me to prepare for them also.I am using almost 19 ingredients including aswagandha & sprouted millets also. I am not marketing commercially but if any body wants it I would like to share my porridge happily. You can text me in the given number

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