Kanji Mix


Fried Gram - 3 Cups
Boiled Rice - 1 Cup
Wheat - 1 Cup
Raagi / ragi - 1 Cup
Sabudhana - 1/2 Cup
Cashew Nuts - 15- 20

Badam - 15- 20

Dry Roast All The Above Seperately In A Kadai Till U Get The Smell . Let It Cool Down To Room Temp And Grind It Ito Fine Powder( Or Use Mixie And Seive It ) U Can Store This Powder For 2 - 3 Months Also

sweet Kanji

Take 1 Spoon Of This Powder And Add 1 - Cup Of Boiled And Cooled Water To It. Dissolve It Without Sny Lumps . Keep This On The Stove And Stir Continusly Till U Get A Shining Coat On Top it Will Become Pasty Add Sugar And Milk To It . Cool To Room Temp And Feed Ur Baby

Salt Kanji

Do The Same Procedure Instead Of Sugar And Milk U Can Add Salt And Curds And Feed Ur Baby.U Can Make The Consistancy Thick And Feed The Baby In A Spoon (Will Last For 3 - 4 Hrs) Or Add More Milk And Put It In A Feeder (Will Last For 2- 3 Hrs) When The Baby Is > 1 Yr U Can Start Adding Grouind Nutsgreen Gram Etc.. To The Mix.


  1. Hi! Your recipes are pretty well described! Great work. Quick question, are nuts ok to feed before a year. From all the material I have read, I believe nuts may cause allergies and safe to put off till a year. Just wondering what the guidelines are, as I am eager to give nuts to my little one. She is 10 months old

  2. My docter was fine with me giving my son nuts from the age of 9 months. but still if you think your kid would be allergyic to it you can avoid it.

  3. What is fried gram?
    IS paraboiled rice same as boiled rice??
    THanks .nice recipe

  4. Fried gram is nothing but puttnalu( in tamil) futtana or dalia(in hindi). you can use any rice I preffer brown rice though.

  5. i am giving this kind of ragi malt to swanika whn she was 5 mnths old..she likes it too. its really healthy for kids

  6. I really like all recipes posted by u n appreciate your work ...this has helped me to widen my horizon of exploring new food dishes for my daughter....
    My question is that for Kanji...do we first wash sabudana , wheat,raagi ,fried gram before roasting or they r washed after roasting n before grinding?
    Also,is the rice first boiled then roasted and grinded? Won't they go bad in a few days or they r safe to store along with other ingredients for 1-2 months.

  7. @vany.. I normally don't wash them just directly roast and grind them. Boiled rice is a verity of rice you can also use brown rice if you wish. I normally prefer to use brown rice.

  8. i wash the rice,wheat,green gram,red gram soak for 12 hrs.the next day i drain water and put a day in sun light then roast and grind it. so that the baby digest easily.

  9. Good recipes, shall try for my baby

  10. My son is 6 months old. i,m feeding him with only brest milk.i did not start any solids yet as my docter suggested me to start feeding solids after the comletion of his 6th month. I wanna give him healthy food from now itself. So shall i give him this kanji mix? And ine more qwestion is I've red that more than 15 ingredients will be there in this kanji mix . But you have given only 7. Plz clarify my doubts.
    Thank u.

  11. hi my baby is 8 months old i want to feed her kanji mix.i heard 18 ingradiants are there in this kanji mix.please tell me what are they .and how to made kanji kit.how to feed her.how many times should i feed to my baby.please tell me.my baby not like cerelac and nestum also .please give reply as early as possible .thanks

  12. hey !! for both 8 months and 6 months its important that you first introduce them to all the ingredients first (always follow the 4 day rule after introducing a new thing) then you can give the kanji mix for 6 months old its too early to feed kanji mix you can always start with rice cereal and then go ahead with raagi .


  13. My son is 4 months old and I am not feeding him. I give him NAN Pro1. Can I start giving this mix?

  14. Raji... start with rice cereal first and then introduce all the other grains with the 4 day rule then you can start this . this is typically started around 8 months old. ( be sure you see they dont have any allergy with any of the stuff be fore you start it )

  15. what is ragi/ Raggi
    main ise rajasthan main kaha se purchases kar sakta hu
    or ye yaha kis nam se milegi

  16. my baby is not gaining weigjt enough...so pls tell me a good baby food for my one year old baby as she is only 7 kg now.

  17. ragi is also known as nachni

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