Anda paratha !!!

This is the lovely recipe that I recently learned and my son loves it.
you need:

1-2 eggs
2tbsp cheese
flour to make rotis.

Beat the eggs in a bowl and add in salt and pepper and cheese and keep aside. You can also make it more nutritious by adding in veggies or adding some cold cut meats too.

Mix the flour for the rotis as normal and set aside for atleast 15 mins.

roll out the rotis and apply the oil and fold them into a triangle or square and then roll them out again.

heat a tava and start to cook the paratha once you have cooked on one side then turn it bubbles start forming on the paratha and then separate the paratha and then pour in the egg mixture into it and close it and apply some ghee or oil on top of the paratha to cook. The egg cooks inside the paratha.

I learned this recipe from a you tube video adding in the link here so that you can understand it easily.


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