French toast

In my egg series this is the easy breakfast for the kids. easy to make and I guess every kids will love it.

You need :

2 slices of brown bread.
1 egg
2-3 tbsp milk
2 tsp sugar
cinnamon or cardamom powder as per choice .
ghee /butter

Method : Beat the egg with milk and sugar nicely till the suger mixes nicely with the egg.

Add in the cinnamon / cardamom (elichi) powder.

heat a pan with ghee or butter.

Dip the brown bread in the egg and toast on both sides. I preffer brown bread but you can use any bread you like. they are gud to eat.
Here are some of my creative ideas for serving them to fussy kids who do not like to eat it or if you want to serve them with fruits.

  • You can just serve them with fruits with them
  • or just cube up the bread after you toast them and skew them on to the kabob skewers alternating them with fruits of your choice.
  • spread cream cheese or jam inside and add in some fruits between 2 breads and then dip them in to the egg and toast.
  • Use cookie cutters to cut bread into different shapes or just cut triangles or rectangles and serve. Any fussy kids would love to eat it if the presentation is gud.


  1. French toast is the healthiest diet for all the kids. It is very delicious and normally all the kids like the sweet food items..
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  2. Good idea to server up in different shapes.

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