EGGS ---------- Incredible Protein

EGGS : I have known they are 2 types of people either they love eggs or they hate them never found any who say they are okk. AS they advertise its indeed incredible protein. I personally love eggs and so does my husband so we always have them in stock.

I love to make eggs for my kids too becoz Eggs are a ubiquitous part of breakfast and provide the highest-quality protein, versatility and convenience. Its easy to make a very low cost way to introduce them to the high quality protein. Just look at the Nutrient Content of a Large Egg and you will now how gud it is

the full chart is at

When can I start EGG :

This is the biggest argument that comes when i say egg to every one. White first or yoke first. When I started baby food for my son ( who is 3 now) they said that you have to give yoke as white can cause allergy now when i started it for my daughter my doctor allowed me to give her both at the age of
6 months and said that the latest research shows that you can give it to kids at small as 6 months both white and the yoke.

The best way to start egg is scrambled egg.

Scrambled egg:

you need:

salt and pepper ( optional)

method :

In a pan heat some butter or ghee

beat egg and milk together and keep aside

when it is hot add in the mixture and keep mixing till they scramble and are nicely cooked .
remove off heat and mix in salt and pepper and serve.

Boiled EGG:

You need:

water for boiling
salt and pepper (optional)
2tbsps milk

method :

boil the egg completely till hard. ( the eggs will spin if it is completely cooked from inside )
remove the shell and grate it on to the grater and add in salt and pepper if you like and milk for some consistency. it is ready for feeding your kids
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