Dates walnut halwa

Dates 3 cups

walnut 1 cup(1/2 plus 1/2)

ghee 2 tsp

milk 2 to 3 cups

Boil milk well and keep in sim for 30 mts so that it will reduce a bit which is enough.

Either you can grind the entire amt of nuts with dates or grind dates with one portion of nuts. Rest of the nuts, grind and keep aside to sprinkle finally.

Now, take the milk, add ghee, ground mixture and keep in cooker for a whistle and sim fire for 20 to 25 mts so that the milk color and flavor will change like we put some condensed milk. Switch off the fire and when it is cold, add the remaining ground nuts and stir for a min on the stove, switch off. The consistency should be thick like halwa.

No sugar or extra ghee and hence, the elders too can take it a tsp everyday as dates is rich in iron and walnut, read that it will help to fight disease and promote health. Not only that, was told that it helps to reduce bad cholesterol and to decrease blood inflammation.

You can substitute almond too in the place of walnut as badham too has very good properties.

Since it has nuts, better start from 1 to 1 1/2 yrs


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  2. If you take one dates a day your hemoglobin count in the blog will never reduce. Which increase your immunity capacity. I made this halwa, it way awesome, I don't have words to explain it.


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