Oats Porridge

2 heaped tbsps of Oats
2 badam pieces and
1 cashew piece ground to smooth paste (Note : These Nuts Only for 1 yr plus)
1 cup milk1 spoon sugar or
2 spoons honey (Please dont use honey for 1 yr below babies)

Cook the oats in low flame in milk for 4 minutes & when the milk is heated put the finely ground smooth paste of the nuts & sugar or honey and let it be in the low flame for 1 more minute.Let it cool to room temperature.
Ready to feed !

For those using formula milk :

You can cook the oats in water & then once 4 minutes cooking is over , you can add the nuts paste , flavouring sugar & the formula milk and switch off. After it comes down to room temperature its ready to feed.This oatmeal is very tasty and healthy not only for babies , but for elders too. Its very rich in fibre content also.

The oats porridge recipe, you can mix cooked mashed apple, pureed/mashed banana pieces also while feeding the kid. It gives variety tasty flavour to break the monotonous taste everytime.


  1. Is it ok to give Oats Porridge to 18 months old baby?
    Since oats reduces cholestrol & fats which are needed for babies brain developement?


  2. hey rose
    its perfectly fine to give oats for babies... i agree fat is needed for brain development but oats also has many more benefits ...

  3. Hi, when I feed my son with oats, my mother in-law said that is no good for their digest system and make them get constipation. It that true??

  4. Oats does not get them constipated as it is full of fiber and good for digestion.

  5. i am remya. i am making the poridgge with wheat powder,nuts,badam,sugar,and oats grinded together and boiling for five minutes with fresh milk.giving the child after it is cool to room temperature.which type of oats is good for my 17 month old daughter.

  6. People say this and that about porridge. I have 8 mths old twin girls. I make oats and cornmeal porridge for them. i boiled it then add the formula at the time of serving!!!! They love it!!!

  7. My baby is 5 months so I want to start oats porridge for him since he is having reflux problem and oats are good for him.can i use instant oats as raw ones are not available at my place?

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  9. Is oatmeal good for a 1 year old baby?
    Many young parents today are confused and curious to understand how oats affects their child's health. Check out what our experts have to say


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