Ragi / Raagi Porridge

You can soak it for 12 hours, then drain and put it in a cloth. Keep it moist so that it gets sprouts. This will take another 12 hours. Then dry roast it or dry in the shade in a hot place. Then powder it finely, sieve well.

If you get fine quality powder, that is best.
Take 2 or 3 spoons of powder, add water and make a smooth, watery paste. Then keep over slow flame and keep on stirring. This will start to cook and solidify. The color will change, you will know. A nice aroma will come. Take off from fire. Add a little ghee, jaggary taste. If you are feeding him semi solids you can add milk to it. Feed when warm to the baby. You can add a little boliled and mashed potato, carrot and other veggies the same way or with a little salt instead of jaggery


  1. Can I use Raagi flour instead of soaking and grinding into powder?

  2. can I use raagi flour ???? pls reply

  3. Yes you can surely use raagi flour if you think it is pure and clean or just make sure you seave the powder before you make it for the baby.

  4. hi swapna nice blog.
    am baby is 4 months old and am starting him on solids.his doctor asked us to start with vegetable and then fruit puree's and asked us to start even ragi ,but some of my friends were saying ragi cannot be digested by small babies and we should start later on after 8 months and not now.
    did you start your baby with ragi early?any suggestions please help me in this regard.also am staying usa can i do the same procedure you showed it in video is it possible here.

    thank you very much in advance

    regards priya

  5. hey priya ...
    thanks i started ragi for my son at 6 months. yes ragi is lil hard to digest but you can make it lil dilute and then feed it as it is very gud for them. i live in the USA too i use the raagi flour directly as i dint find raagi in the desi stores if you can find them then its gr8 to use them.

  6. Hi Swapna,
    Thanks for posting all these great recipes for baby food. It's a very helpful resource for new moms like me. I had a questions...I got hulled millet, can I use it instead? ( I am not sure if its the same), do I dry roast ragi flour before I feeding to baby? Please let me know. Thanks

    1. HI Swapna,
      I am also staying in US.I am having 4 months old baby.So far I gave milk .I am interested to give Ragi.But I could not find ragi whole grain.Can I try aachi make ragi flour.Please tell me which make i can use for my baby .

  7. can i give my baby manna sprouted ragi flour..she is 9 months old

  8. Hi swapna,
    My baby is 6month old now,im giving ragi malt for her but one of my friend suggest me to add wheat,toor dal,moong dal,chickpea dal,little rice,
    along with the ragi(roasting all ingrident and powder it in a machine and filter it to get a fine powder).will it be good?whether she can digest it?

  9. Thanks for the recipe. Could you please make your background lighter, or the fonts sharper, as it is very difficult to read the blog?

  10. Hi swapna,

    To make a semi solid Raagi porridge can i add the formula milk to it once its off the fire....

    Thanks sindhu

  11. Hi swapna my baby is 11 months old.. She refuses to eat dhal rice. Can u plz help me with some recipes

  12. can we give Ragi porridge with smashed banana mixed in it.??

  13. Hi... thank u for this post! ur posts r very helpful to me.
    I hav a question , is it ok to soak ragi for more than 12 hours n then feed baby?
    one day i soaked for almost 18 hours.... will it get spoilt ?

  14. Hi All,

    One of my relative prepares very good ,nutrient homemade healthy food for babies above 6 months, she do sell this for working mommies.

    Ingredients used :

    1) sprouted raagi
    2) sprouted chick peas
    3) sprouted green gram
    4) sprouted peas
    5) sprouted cow peas
    6) boiled rice
    7) whole wheat
    9) rajma
    10) soya beans lentils
    11) groundnut
    12) double beans lentils
    13) fried grams
    14) almonds
    15) pista
    16) walnuts
    17) cashews
    18) elachi few pieces

    She will add/remove the Ingredients based on your requirements, everything is sprouted at home only. I am taking it from her for my 9 months old baby. He is all fit and active and loves his food.

    Please contact shreelakshmi.p.rao@gmail.com if you need this for your baby.


    1. Hi uma, can you provide her details here, how can I get this from her

    2. hi mail me at shreelakshmi.p.rao@gmail.com

  15. Do ragi flour needs to be roasted before use

  16. it is better to be roasted before grinding.its just to obtain fine dry powder after grinding. i used to dry roast ragi and wheat and then mill it into powder n seive it using fine net.

  17. It is better to feed sprouted ragi instead of roasted for digestion free

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  19. hi ..my baby is six months old days o I need to sieve the powder in a normal fine sieve or a muslin cloth

  20. I've seived on normal daily use cotton cloth and it's great Jyoti Garg.


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