Mashed Banana Custard


1 cup Milk or Formula
1/2 spoon of Custard powderSugar to taste
Finely mashed banana - 5-6 nicely cut pieces (which would amount to 1/2 a banana)


1st make a smooth custard paste by adding 5 spoons of milk to 1/2 spoon custard and then boil the rest of the milk (cow's milk) . When the milk is just warm add the custard paste & sugar.Let it mix nicely. Warm in sim flame for 5 minutes. In the meantime you can slice and mash the bananas. Add the flavoured sweetened milk to the banana mash and mix thoroughly

Ready to serve !


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  3. my child will be completing 6 months in a couple of days now.but i am using the formula milk for her . how can i use the formula milk for heating in this recepi as this recipe looks very interesting for me

  4. is custard powder safe fr 6 months baby?

  5. i dont think custard powder safe for babies.pls reply.

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